At MoreForLess, we take great pride in the quality of the materials we use. Each product on our website is chosen by professionals who assess the quality of the product regardless of its material. Whether you buy an Italian Leather product, or a pair of flip-flops, you can rest assured that you get great value for money.

The materials we choose for our products from our suppliers are not random. Our Leather, Leatherette, Wool, Fabric, as well as all of our other materials are of the highest grade available, therefore ensuring you purchase a product that not only looks great, but will last you for a long time.

After your order is placed, great care and detail is exercised in preparing, packaging and shipping your order. Our well trained staff, is aware that the products being shipped need to be handled with care so that they may arrive in pristine condition, and every product is manually inspected before being shipped for any possible defects.

Furthermore, as a display of confidence in the quality of our products, we allow you to return any product within 7 days of the delivery date, without stating any reason. For more information on returns, please see our returns policy. Such is the quality here, at More for Less.